Electric Cervical Massager 3


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Product name: Cervical massager
Rated voltage: 5V
Automatic timing: 15 min
Number of massage heads: 3
Power type: USB
A: Rechargeable & White
B: Rechargeable & Red
C: Rechargeable & Hot compress & White
D: Rechargeable & Hot compress & Red
E: Remote control & White
F: Remote control & Red

3 modes & 9 intensities
6 kinds of massage. Mode 1: pulse, massage; Mode 2: acupuncture, percussion; Mode 3: traditional Chinese Massage, scraping.

TENS low frequency pulse & Hot compress
Microcomputer intelligent control, deep stimulation of neck, more comfortable with hot compress.
Electrical pulse massage
Electric pulse massage imitates many kinds of massage methods of traditional Chinese mediciine, promotes local blood circulation and relaxes local muscles.

3D floating electrode pads fits neck
Equipped with a pair of washable electrode pieces, butt joint with the main machine, can carry out whole body meridian massage

Annular traction for correction of cervical spine
U-shaped around neck design is adopted to relieve the joint wearing without compression. Relieve pressure through muscle tension and pull to a relaxed state
Magnetic effect promotes microcirculation
Multiple health magnets are built in to produce strong magnetic field and relieve cervical pain
Usage method:
1. Long press 3 seconds to open or shut down
2. Short press to switch mode (six modes in total)

Package Included:
Cervical Massager
1 Pair of electrodes pads


1. Before use, wipe your neck with a wet towel and make the massager stick to your skin to avoid tingling.
2. The electric pulse first weak then strong, let the neck adapt to the electric pulse massage, gradually adjust for your own intensity;
3. Each person has a different sensitivity to the electrical pulse. If you feel uncomfortable, you can choose other functions for massage.


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